Tuesday, November 22, 2011

S.E. Sever's Life After School

S.E. Sever's accomplishments in writing are remarkable. Truly have passion in writings, from being a regular student who studied Archeology, Socio-Biological Anthropology, film and Digital Media in Candavish College.  At early age S.E. Sever had also published her first completed book, a guide book in living abroad. She gained a solid foundation in human evolution and linguistic development, and then changed her method of using  language and perception in mass communication and focus her attention in media. She had been sponsored by London Knowledge Innovation Centre (LKIC) of Southbank Universtiy offered to take part in training program called Tycoon Booth Camp. S.E. Sever's inspiring story was featured in the Federation of Small Business Magazine, she was also interviewed from the makers of Dragon's Den for a BBC series called The Last Tycoon. Presently, she had been working on her first novel, stated to be the first in a trilogy that soon will be publish in London and also she is writing articles for Work Your Way Magazine.